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The RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) was born out of the need for the safety of the competitor. RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) is the 5th Generation of rally timing equipment. The RALLYTIME / SAFETRACK system enables the event Head Quarters to monitor, track and locate any rally car taking part in the event whether in a rally stage at a service park or open section. If the car goes into an emergency, the system itself will send out an emergency signal to not only Rally HQ but also notifies any car following in the same stage that there is a "car in emergency" ahead therefore enabling assitance to reach the "car in emerency" in the most speediest way possible.

The RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) uses the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) time signals to synchronise all timing clocks to the same timebase. The RF facility ((TR)) or transmit/receive, eliminates cables between the Flying Finish and the End / Stop Control and can communicate data between controls and the competing cars if SAFETRACK is installed.

RALLYTIME SAFETRACK - Safety tracking & Timing data transmission. Safety is a priority in any sport and rallying is no exception. The RALLYTIME SAFETRACK in-car tracking unit is a compact dashboard-mounted unit with GPS for location, GSM/GPRS for real-time connection to the internet, RF for local comms and a LCD display, displaying stage information for navigators.

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